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I looked in that direction and there was a lady selling shoe laces. She just had the right kind of shoe laces. Within minutes I bought a pair.

Recently,  I have been watching some documentaries on Netflix. There was one about the role of propaganda in justifying wars, there was another about capitalism and there was one about Afghanistan. I was inspired by how some individuals had given up the comforts of their lives to pursue the path to be of service to others.  Unfortunately I could not remember their names.

So, I decided to form this organization called “Subtle Renaissance Solutions” focused on the common good. I plan on asking interesting questions, researching answers, partnering with anyone who wants to join me in this journey and listing names of individuals and organizations who are doing amazing things.

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Lucero Ramirez was supporting the translation effort on a technical document I had authored. The content included many differential equations. At one point in a conversation about the document Lucero asked: “Why do we need all these equations?” The obvious answer was because it was a part of a course I was about to teach but upon further reflection I realized that her inquiry had deeper implications.

In a different incident, I was walking down a street in Bogotá, Colombia with  my colleague Juan Carlos Rocha. I noticed that one of my shoe laces had come undone. As I tied the shoelace a thought crossed my mind that one of these days I needed to buy new shoe laces. We walked a few more steps. I asked Juan Carlos if they might sell shoe laces in the big mall across the street. And, he said “Here.” I was confused by his response. He was pointing in the direction of the pavement.   

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