Indian Cricket Corrupted by Big Money

Saidas M. Ranade, Houston, Texas

Note: It is great that the Indians are one of the richest minorities in the US. I am proud of our achievements. I am eager and excited to introduce our wonderful culture to everyone. Unfortunately there is a problem of perception about our culture when it comes to quality and ethics. I have illustrated the problem with three separate articles. This blog entry uses examples from cricket, the others are about the state of Bollywood and about the state of the local Indian vegetarian restaurants in Houston.

I am a comedian. Here is my most recent joke. Are you ready? “The Indian Test cricket team!”

Recently, I had the misfortune of watching the test matches between India and England that were played in England. As has already been stated by many others including well-known cricketers such as Sunil Gavaskar and Ian Chappell, I was not worried that they lost but was most appalled by the manner in which they lost the test matches. To me their body language and demeanor seemed incommensurate with what I see as our values of pride, discipline, sacrifice and humility.

No matter what the outcome of the one–day series was, these players made sure that people like me will not watch cricket for a while. The IPL has clearly had a detrimental effect on the young cricketers’ ability to concentrate and withstand the pressures of test cricket.

I love watching MS Dhoni bat but he seems to not trust spinners and seems to prefer team mates from the Chennai Superkings. We the people deserve better. The BCCI should now set only one goal for selecting, training and developing cricket players: Winning test series in England, Australia and South Africa.

It is time we the Indians demand ethics, transparency and quality. I hope you agree. We the CONSUMERS deserve that!

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